Chief Executive Officer and General Manager

Jesús Sierra, 35 years of experience, Physicist from Simón Bolívar University of Venezuela, Master in Earth Sciences from MIT Massachusetts USA

Jesus is founder, senior partner, and general manager of IGS.

 In addition to his duties as an administrator, he directly supervises the development of the studies and works carried out by IGS, ensuring the quality of their results.

He has vast experience in the development of studies in all disciplines of the geosciences (seismic processing and interpretation, petrophysics, geomodelling) as well as  production, reservoir, and environmental engineering.  

Business Development Manager 

Ramón Vélez, 35 years of experience, Electrical Engineer from UNIMET, EMBA from the Institute of Higher Studies of Administration IESA Venezuela.

Ramon is in charge of the business development activities which include business plans development, fund raising, services portfolio and its fee structure design, market and costs analyses, proposals elaboration, negotiation and follow up of studies/projects.

He also has extensive experience in the development of interpretation and geoscientific information systems, and advises the management of IGS on IT matters.  

Geology and Geophysics  Manager

Marlene Bonilla, 20 years of experience, Geophysical Engineer and Master in Earth Sciences from Simón Bolívar University in Venezuela. 

Marlene experience focuses on potential methods, seismic processing, shallow marine seismic, interpretation, structural and stratigraphic Interpretation of 2D/3D seismic data, petrophysics, rock physics, time - depth conversion, multi attributes analysis, geological modeling, prospect identification and well planning.

In IGS she supervises the IGS’s G&G team in coordination with our advisors, giving direct support to our engineering staff.  

Drilling Operations Manager 

Carlos Vielma, 28 years of experience, Geological Engineer from the Territorial Polytechnic University of Mérida Venezuela.

Carlos has extensive experience and knowledge in well drilling operations, both exploratory and developmental. Throughout his career he has been involved in these activities as an operator, supervisor, and manager.

For IGS participates in the design of wells (in coordination with the geoscience team), selection and hiring of drills and equipment, management and supervision of drilling activities and production, execution of well-level geology studies, risk management, training, and evaluation of personnel.


Surface Operations Manager

Carlos Cortés, 37 years of experience, Chemical Engineer from the National University of Colombia.

He is a specialist in natural gas and petroleum processing

Carlos has a vast experience  managing operations of plants and facilities for processing liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons, as well as project manager. 

Cortés has worked on projects involving crude oil gathering and separation stations, pipelines, water treatment systems, natural gas processing plants, and crude oil refining units.


G&G Advisor and Coach 

José Regueiro, 45 years of experience, Geophysicist, Master and PhD from the University of Colorado School of Mines USA.

In addition to an extensive academic career in the area of geosciences, José accumulates significant experience in the development of studies that mainly include seismic processing (conventional and special), rock physics and petrophysics, seismic and well properties correlation, among other technics. 

His main role in IGS focuses on supervising the execution of these activities, and couching for our staff.

Integrated geosciences and engineering services 

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